Artifical Intelligence

expert systems in communication

A new variable - efficiency appeared above the access to content and its quality. We want to have access to specialized and personalized information prepared with the help of advanced technology especially for us. This is where the opportunity for expert systems comes, which are no longer just the domain of scientists and mathematicians, but a practical tool that can be implemented by any company that depends on effective contact with the client.


Internet of Things

technology and everyday life

The Internet of Things is an image which, on the one hand, fascinates and on the other presents a utopian future dominated by machines. Regardless of what awaits us, we want our present to be simpler. We design, test and implement our own IoT solutions for everyday life of both companies and individuals. Begining with a simple connection of lighting to a smartphone, ending with an alarm system which integrating electricity management at home, most electrical devices and alarm sensors.

Network programming

applications from anywhere in the world

Accessibility - is a characteristic feature of network applications. Regardless of the operating system or device on which the solution is run - it is available. We focus on creating programs based on programming languages such as ASP.NET, PHP 7.2 or JavaScript, which guarantee speed and launch on a TV or personal computer even on a coffee machine based on Linux.


for the most popular platforms

By solving our own problems, we create small extensions for platforms such as WordPress or Laravel. From plugins to managing taxes in stores based on WooCommerce via Facebook Messenger integrations for WordPress. We share these small tools with you for free, so that you can make everyday work easier for you.


We love music, its sound, transmitted values and mood. And like many artists making films, we were faced with the dilemma of the availability of songs or sounds. For this reason, apart from the big corporations associating the creators, we started to implement our own platform for distributing music. Both for filmmakers as well as catering outlets and stores. octavam. is a place where artists can control the legal circulation of their songs, background musics or sounds, and producers or owners of public facilities can find sounds tailored to their needs.

meet .octavam

We are all the sum of feelings we have experienced in our lifetime and nothing would be possible without our ancestors. With care for tradition combined with modern technologies, we create breathtaking items and clothes that, with their style and technique, refer to the history from which we are proud.

meet The Makatka

Our works



independent information service

4GEEK.CO is an international information service about new products from the world of technology. In the pages of our site, we dispel doubts related to computers, telephones, or programming microprocessors. Our team of specially trained cats (as well as editors) develops content for you, while not shooting to you with ads on each side. Sit back and enjoy the next bytes of data ...


expert systems in communication

Thinking about Spectrum, we set ourselves the goal of creating the perfect base for making themes for the purposes of WordPress-based websites. And I think we have succeeded - asynchronous scripts, significant improvement in performance, fast creation of child-themes and a convenient extension of modules made everything we create for WordPress, based on Spectrum.

Let's Talk

automatic messages and artificial intelligence

When Facebook opened their Messenger platform it was a breakthrough. The ability to integrate your own chat applications into your fanpage has made an unobtainable so far convenience for the customer. We used it and created a dedicated platform based on PHP and AngularJS, through which we can connect a shop, a complaint system or a newsletter to our live chat. One of the greatest facilities is to combine Let's Talk with our expert systems wizard - Genius.


modern technology program

Suckes, which we achieved during the creation of the 4CLOUD program exceeded our expectations. Having solid experience and knowledge we have partnered with such brands as Asus, Philips and GearBest and have created a program for technology enthusiasts. Modern, in 4K quality and above all, pleasantly and fun for the viewer.


the largest program vor vapers in Poland

4CLOUD was an impulse. We have seen that Polish channels on this subject are not the best in the world. We have decided the goal - to do it best in the world. Well, maybe we have not achieved success on a global scale, including language barriers, but we have created one of the largest programs about vape in Europe and one of the most recognized in the world.


clothing for real enthusiasts

Fashion represents our lifestyle, our hobbies, interests and needs. Being aware of this, we have created a clothing brand for 4CLOUD viewers, which allows them to express their passion in a discreet way.


expert system at your fingertips

Mathematics is the queen of sciences. None of us have doubts about it, that's why using the achievements of thousands years of progress and modern technology we have created an expert system wizard that can help in diagnosing diseases, assessing creditworthiness and warranty services. 'Genius' is our pride and we nurse him every day.


a modern store that meets your needs

We like to create better, that's why we set ourselves another goal to create one of the most convenient and the best stores for vapers. The effects could be seen in the first days of operation, and dozens of orders flowing every day. Modern design, multilingualism, convenient service and understandable content attract more and more customers.


Our partners

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